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Stone Heater

Stainless Steel Thermostatically controlled

Baby Shaped Basalt Massage Stone

Unpolished Smooth 3cm diameter - each

Stones - Small Round

Unpolished Smooth 5cm diameter - each

Stones - Small Oblong

Unpolished Smooth 3cm x 4cm - each

Stones - Medium

Unpolished Smooth 5.5cm x 8cm Each

Stones - Large

Unpolished Smooth 7cm x 9cm Each

Placement Basalt Massage Stone

Unpolished Smooth 7cm x 11cm Each

Stones - Cold White

Unpolished Smooth Round White - each

Basalt Massage Stone Set 36 Stones in Case

A variety of Polished Basalt Stones Comes in a box. 36 ...

Hot Compress

20cm x 30cm - Use for body treatments and instead of ...

Calabash Massage Kit

Each kit consists of the following, perfect for each ...

Hot Stones - Medium Oval

Basalt Smooth 5.5cm x 8cm Each

Hot Stones - Large Oval

Basalt Stone – Large Ovular Each

Hot Stones - XLarge Oval

Basalt Stone – X Large Each

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