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Salon Care Manicure & Pedicure

Enriched Hand Treatment - Salon Care (75ml)

Nourishing treatment moisturiser with sun protection. Ideal ...

Sales price: R 48.00

Exfoliating Polish - Salon Care (250ml)

Cream based scrub with pomegranate, apricot kernels and wax ...

Sales price: R 111.00

Mani & Pedi Massage Velvet Salon Care -250ml Tub

Velvety massage medium based on Pomegranate & Shea Butter ...

Sales price: R 111.00

Revitalising Hand and Foot Soak - Salon Care 400ml

Antiseptic, anti-bacterial, slightly foaming ...

Sales price: R 95.00

Revitalising Hand and Foot Soak Refill -Salon Care 2L

Anti-septic, anti-bacterial, slightly foaming liquid. Can ...

Sales price: R 305.00

Cuticle Cream Salon Care (50ml)

Slightly fragranced, soft white emulsion for softening ...

Sales price: R 53.00

Mani and Pedi Neroli ANTI-OXIDANT Masque Salon Care (250ml)

A nourishing cream with beta-carotene consisting of highly ...

Sales price: R 129.00

Mani and Pedi Foot Active Therapy Salon Care (250ml)

Soft white cream containing aloe ferox and tea tree oil for ...

Sales price: R 108.00

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