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Body Masks & Wraps

Algae Gel Body Wrap

Thalaspa Algae Gel, based on Laminaria uses its detoxifying ...

Sales price: R 300.00

Algae Body Pack (Firming & Slimming)

Algae Body Pack is especially based on natural components ...

Sales price: R 235.00

Relaxing Body Pack

This mask contains Marine Clay and Lithotamnium, especially ...

Sales price: R 85.00

Thermo Body Pack

Thermo Body Pack based on Magnesium and Laminaria Algae can ...

Sales price: R 235.00

Cyro Leg Mask

Thalaspa Cryo Leg Mask is enriched with alginates and elong ...

Sales price: R 312.00

Firming Body Plast

Firming Body Plast is based on Alginate, Laminaria Algae ...

Sales price: R 281.00

Slimming Modelling Plast

Contain Horsetail and Rosemary essential oil. These actives ...

Sales price: R 350.00

Cryo Sea Clay Mask

Marine Clay deposits, protected from any pollution, have ...

Sales price: R 148.00
Sales price: R 95.00

Thala Marine Clay

Remineralizing and purifying body wrap based on Marin Clay ...

Sales price: R 243.00

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