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China Glaze Neons

Short & Sassy

Retro Diva Range.

Skate Night

Retro Diva Range.


Retro Diva Range.


Retro Diva Range.

Keepin It Teal

Turquoise Jelly Neon Crème. 14ml

Are You Jelly?

Purple Jelly Neon

Beach Cruise-r

Purple Neon Creme

Bottoms Up

Pink Purple Neon Creme

Glow With The Flow

Neon Baby Pink Creme


Neon Red Purple

Creative Fantasy

Bright Purple Neon Creme

Feel The Breeze

Baby Pink Neon Creme

Flirty Tankini

Coral Orange Neon Shimmer

Float On

Bright Pink Creme

Grass Is Lime Greener

Bright Lime Green Creme

Hang-Ten Toes

Pink Neon Shimmer

I'll Pink To That

Bright Pink Neon Creme

I'm With The Lifeguard

Lime Green Neon Shimmer

Isle See You Later

Blue Jelly Neon Creme

Lady & The Vamp

Neon Pumpkin Creme

Let's Jam

Lavender Shimmer

Lip Smackin

Muted Pink Neon Creme

Papa Don't Peach

Bright Orange Coral Shimmer

Pink Plumeria

Light Pink Neon Shimmer

Pink Voltage

Pink Neon Shimmer


Coral Pink Jelly Neon Crème. 14ml

Splish Splash

Blue Neon Shimmer

Sun Of A Peach

Orange Neon Creme


Yellow Neon Shimmer

Surfin' For Boys

Coral Orange Neon Shimmer

Turned Up Turquoise

Turquoise Neon Shimmer. 14ml

Violet Vibes

Neon Purple Creme

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