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Electrotherapy Gel Products

Galvanic Gel - Salon Care Body Firming (250ml)

Conductive gel formulated as an effective aid for any ...

Sales price: R 149.00

Galvanic Gel - Salon Care Balancing (Oily Skin)(250ml)

Electro conductive gel formulated to regulate sebum ...

Sales price: R 119.00

Galvanic Gel - Salon Care Hydrating (Dehydrated Skin) (250ml)

Electro conductive gel formulate to add moisture to ...

Sales price: R 153.00

Galvanic Gel - Salon Care Facial Firming (Mature Skin) (250ml)

Conductive gel formulated to rejuvenate lined & wrinkled ...

Sales price: R 149.00

Galvanic Gel - Salon Care Disincristation (Acne Skin)(250ml)

Conductive alkaline gel formulated to remove build-up of ...

Sales price: R 149.00

Oxygenating Cream - Salon Care (250ml)

For use with High Frequency machine to sterilize and purify ...

Sales price: R 150.00

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