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Salon Care MAN

Shaving Cream Sensitive - Salon Care (200ml)

A superior shaving requisite for both facial & body areas. ...

Sales price: R 59.00

Cleansing Gel - Salon Care MAN (200ml)

Non drying formula rapidly removes impurities whilst ...

Sales price: R 100.00

Shaving Cream Emulsion - Salon Care MAN (100ml)

Effectively reduces razor drag & redness. Shea butter helps ...

Sales price: R 67.00

Moisturising Day Protector - Salon Care MAN (100ml)

Essential moisturizer & sun protection for the active man!. ...

Sales price: R 113.00

After Shave Balm - Salon Care MAN (100ml)

Easily absorbed emulsion that calms and soothes the skin ...

Sales price: R 67.00

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