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Refectocil Eye Make-up Remover

Refectocil Eye Make Up Remover, removes eye make up and ...

Sales price: R 112.00

Sugar Wax Paste - Strong Italwax

Italwax Sugar Wax. Must use Foam Pre-Sugar Treatment ...

Sales price: R 285.00

Foam Pre-Sugar Wax - Italwax

Foaming lotion which removes any products from the skin ...

Sales price: R 170.00

Pre-wax Gel - Italwax

Pre-wax Lotion Azulene 250 ml

Sales price: R 108.57

Refectocil Tint Remover 150ml

Tint Colour Stain Remover that removes stains that might ...

Sales price: R 197.00
Sales price: R 130.00

French Curve Nail Brush

The brush to use when creating French nails. Guaranteed to ...

Sales price: R 40.00

Nail Brite with Brush 118ml

BUY 3 for R236.50 July only Creamy scrub contains special ...

Sales price: R 103.00

Ingrown Hair Concentrated Liquid Lotion 100ml

Introductory offer July 2018 Only. Prevent & eliminate ...

Sales price: R 235.00

Seche Condition Cuticle Oil 14ml

Moisturize and soften dry, cracked cuticles with Seche ...

Sales price: R 105.00

Lemon Paraffin Wax - Italwax 4 x 500g

A luxurious thermal treatment that provides deep hydration ...

Sales price: R 508.00

After Wax Emulsion Hair Growth Retardant Orchid

Easily removes wax residues and feeling of stickiness after ...

Sales price: R 221.00

Italwax Single Wax Cartridge Wax Heating Unit with Base Unit

Heat & melt 1 Body Wax Cartridge at a time. Please Note: ...

Sales price: R 367.00

Italian Perforated Smooth ItalWax Strip Roll

7cm wide x 80m. Designed for use with all cold waxes. ...

Sales price: R 165.00

Summer Reign Mini Pack China Glaze Nail Varnish

6 Piece 3.6ml Mini China Glaze is formulated with special ...

Sales price: R 175.00

Refectocil Saline Solution

To eliminate all traces of oil residue before use of ...

Sales price: R 93.00

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